Why do you need a water treatment consultant?

Water consultants are needed due the lack of chemistry knowledge of many chemical and equipment suppliers and conflicts of interest between proper plant operation and treatment versus sales. An independent water treatment consultant will provide unbiased advice in order to make the best decisions for the company. For example, a mechanical solution could be available to take the place of a chemical solution. Chances are; a chemical salesman will more often present a chemical solution where a mechanical solution may actually be best for the customer and vice versa. It is our job to identify ALL reasonable alternatives and evaluate the best based on the customer needs. Facilities that do not properly address water treatment needs risk overspending on treatment programs (that may prove ineffective) and also risk millions of dollars in affected equipment. What will a prowater Laboratories consultant do for you? Put you and your internal staff in control of your water treatment needs. This is accomplished by increasing awareness and operator knowledge of mechanical and chemical water treatment elements of responsibility through.

Water Treatment Consultant Training

ProWater stresses the training of site personnel for operators to learn the WHY they are doing certain elements of their job. Too often, customers will rely solely on their chemical vendor for leadership on the site water plant. The problem is water plants consist of chemical treatment components as well as mechanical and the systems interact. The chemical vendors’ focus is on the function of their chemicals not necessarily on the whole system. ProWater has been successful in training operators how the chemical and mechanical components of their water plant to operate together, thus imparting OWNERSHIP of their plant to the operators.

  • Legionella Testing and Evaluation
  • Water treatment chemical bid specifi cation development & evaluation
  • Corrosion coupon studies and results assessment
  • Potable Water Testing
  • Lab Interface
  • Water reuse and water minimization project implementation through design modifi cations and equipment upgrade
  • Water treatment system commissioning